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Home Computer, Network, and other Technical Gear

If it's in your home, is technical, and is broken or limping along and you don't want to deal with it any longer, we're here to help.

If your computer is slow, crashing, full of viruses, doesn't sound right, video is bad, mouse doesn't work, call us.  Chances are your hardware is fine but just needs some maintenance.  If needed, we can recommend new hardware and help you configure it.

We will help you with your home network, your internet, and fine tune speeds and features.


We can get all of your devices talking to each other and recommend and even install security cameras, indoor cameras, and get your apps functioning.

We can introduce you to streaming services, and we will do more than install it and leave; we will make sure you know how it works before we leave.

We install wireless mesh systems that can extend your internet service throughout your property; for example provide excellent service out to your workshop hundreds of feet away.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between boomers and technology.

We understand that there are a lot of people that missed the tech boom of the 90's, and we will by happy to explain in everyday terms the basics of computers & networks.  We won't try to intimidate or frustrate you with technical terms, but will walk you through understanding the simplest tasks.

If you're eager to learn, we're eager to teach!

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