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One of our specialties is the ability to recover your data in the event of a disaster (fire or other natural disasters, theft, corruption, virus, etc.).

Your data may be a simple as a few pictures or as complex as an Oracle clustered database, it doesn't matter.  Data is data and it's important to you.

When was the last time your system was backed up?  If you answer more than 1 week, that's too long.  If you don't remember, you're one step away from losing everything that is important to you.  It happens every day.

If you walked into your office to find all of your computers have been stolen, could you continue to do business as usual?

If you find that your apple or google account was compromised, could you recover all of those emails and contacts?

If you accidently clicked on a link in an honest looking email and suddenly a message appears stating that your data has been locked and they want a ransom to unlock it, what would you be willing to pay? 

Maybe you would like an email address that matches your business, instead of a generic gmail or yahoo account.  We can reserve a domain name for you and from there we can launch a website or provide you with a professional email address -  We can do both, and provide a secure place in the cloud to store your data.  The possibilities are endless and it may not be as expensive as you think.

Let's talk.

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